Why buy Wind Technik Nord?

When we decided to invest in Wind Turbines we explored potential suppliers in many markets before we selected Wind Technik Nord. Like you, we were spending our money and did not want to make a mistake. We looked at manufacturers in many markets including America, Denmark, Germany, China and more.

We selected Wind Technik Nord for many reasons:

  • They had the experience. Their first turbine was manufactured in 1986.
  • They had the technical knowledge and continuity. It’s a family run business.
  • Excellent service and technical support available.
  • We were impressed by the quality of their turbines.
  • We could visit WTN turbines almost 20 years old and still going well.

Wind Technik Nord supply 250kw and 600kw Turbines. These sizes are ideal for Large farms, Factories, hotels and many other businesses who have a significant electrical usage.

With the introduction of an attractive Feed in Tariff in some markets it is no longer necessary to match the turbine output to usage by the consumer. In many cases the key factor is having the grid infrastructure in place, or at least having the possibility of upgrading it.

Historically, it was necessary to select a Turbine size that closely matched the consumers requirements but today the emphasis is on installing the largest possible turbine to maximise income from the export of electricity to the National grid.

This is why the 250kw and 500kw WTN Turbines (PDF 1.6mb) are particularly interesting. They maximise return but do not require exceptional infrastructure.

The 600kw WTN Turbine (PDF 2.4mb) is indeed a large machine and is ideally suitable for industries with a high electrical requirement.

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