We fit the Turbine and you get Rent!

With no investment you can still be a winner!

If you do not wish to incur the investment cost of a Wind Turbine we can explore the possibility of placing a Turbine on your site and paying you an annual fee.

How do I know my site is suitable?

We will explore a yearly licence proposal with you if your site has:

  • Good elevation with few obstacles, particularly to the South West
  • 3 phase electricity within reasonable distance
  • Adequate road access

How much do I get each year?

That depends on the site, infrastructural work, etc.

How is it established if my site is suitable?

We visit the site and if it has potential we complete a licence agreement with you subject to a detailed feasibility study.

Do I incur any costs?

A contribution is required towards grid connection.

What are my responsibilities to Wind Energy Partnership?

You must allow access to the Turbine for routine service and maintenance. In addition to this main responsibility there are some routine obligations that are detailed in the licence agreement

How do I progress my application?

If you believe that you have a suitable site and meet the criteria outlined you may:

  • Complete the application form on this site (or) Contact us directly with full details on your site.

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